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Community, Trainings and Events


Inspirered by the International Surfski Hotspots is a community of Surfski Paddler enthousiasts.

The fascination of Surfski, wind, water and waves are remarkable.

Were captivated by the Racing Fever and International Downwind Championships.

>Starting April till October every thursday evening, offers free trainings. 

We welcome all surfskis, fast seakayaks and racing kayaks that are interessted in paddling,

fellowship (companioship) and enjoy the water.



If your interested on trying out  THINK surfskis or jantex paddels?

Then you are spot on visiting our site!

At Greifensee approx. 30 min. away from the german border and 20min. away from zurich,

you may find our location for the THINK and Jantex Testcenter.

After arrangement you may test our THINK and Jantex Paddels for free and

may try-out our surfskis equipted for you, from stabil (tip-resistant) up to highend speed.

You may get in contact with us and arrange an apointment.

You may also find an oppertunity before-/after thursday evening trainings.

Of course you are very welcome to join our training!



The onlineshop offers elected (choice of equipment gear) surfski equipment gear.

We provide comprehensive advice either by phone or email.


Think Surfski - Leading brand from Canada with world champion surfskis.

Jantex - the leading label for Jantex professional paddles from Slovacia, are made of the best 

composite materials at present and by strict abservance of technology. 

They are made of 100% carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin.

Vaikobi - most innovative technical Surfski apparel from Australia.

Mocke - selected Surfski essentials from South Africa.







Stefan Hess                                                                                       Simone Junker

Founder and ambitioned national-and international                            An ambitioned national- and international Paddler.

Surfski Paddler. Main responsible and point of                                      Former member of the German Downriver

contact for the online-shop, testcenter and training.                             National Team.

Won 1st place at the Swiss Marathon Paddle Cup 2016




















Christoph Styger                                                                                     Deborah Wyss

Supporter and aktive Surfski Paddler.                                                      Win 1st place at theSwiss Marathon Paddle Cup 2016

                                                                                                                     Former member of the German Downriver National Team






Silvan Wyss                                                                                                                                                                    

Former member of the Swiss National Departure

Canoeing Team. An ambitioned Surfskipaddler and

supporter of the website.

Medical Massage Therapist EFA



Cyril Senften

A member of the Swiss National Lifesaving Team.























Canadian Surfski Chams 2016  Foto: Viviane Nishikiori                                                Allwavecup 2017, Italy

     Surfski Sport Switzerland                       


         Community, Trainings, Events

          Think und Jantex Testcenter   

     Shop Think, Jantex, Mocke, Vaikobi



Thomas Ferst

Supporter and ambiotioned Surfski Paddler.

Former member of the Swiss National Rowing Federation and 

player for the Swiss Zurich Renegades American Football Team.

A Member of the Swiss Dragonboat Association (SDBV). 

                 Simone, Moneglia, Italy

                              Cinque Terre, Italy                                                                                 Vierwaldstättersee Marathon

             Breizh, Bretagne, France                                                                                             Greifensee

What is a Surfski?











A Sufrski is a lightweight, by muscle force with double-bladed paddle, often used with highly contoured wing blades

for extra efficiency (Wingpaddel) powered kayak, with a sit in cockpit.

This form of Kayak is often longer and narrower as the usual Sea Kayak and has a dimension of

L: 5.2m ñ 6.5m und B: 56cm-42cm, whilst taking into consideration, 

the build in lightweight form. The outer design and fabrication is made of vacumated baked fiberglas, kevlar and-/or carbon. Where as, the indicated weight range liaise between 9 and 16kg.

The Surfski has a remarkable and effective steering oar with a foot navigation control.   

The break of waves which caputres water in the interior of the boat is being discharged by a Bailer (drain valve)

on the bottom of the boat which draines out the water from below.


The term Ski comes from the ability to glide. Through the dynamic measurement, control and lightweight,

the Surfski was originally built for riding the waves.

In the meanwhile, the Surfski has a fairly wide range of use e.g. surfing, for comeptiting,

for leisurely trips by flat water conditions and on wide rivers.

Surfski has a worldwide and versatile utilization and mostley in warmer coast regions such as

Australia, California, Hawaii, New Zealand and South Africa. In Europe,

the Surfski is increasing its popularity and according to the observation a growing number in coast areas,

lakes and rivers as well.


The Surfski competitions are being set up to a distance of 80km, mostley carried out in warmer regions.

There also competitions set in Europe (Italy, France-Bretagne, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Bodensee...).


The Surfski also has a lot of health benefits. 

As paddling is a Full-Body Training with main focus on the torso. The boat and motion must be held stabil,

while the hull has to work strongly along side, to hold the core position.

The legwork make about approx. 10% of the whole training. Depending on the distance and intensity the training area liaise between conditioning and cardio-vascular.

Thus, the sport is considered ideal balance to other sports and prevents common ailments. 


Since it is a water sport is swimming is an essential must. Therefore aversion to water should not exist.

Major health problems should be carried with caution, please consult your doctore of physician before

attending this sport which is default and vital. As a rescue e.g. reanimation in or on open water is very difficult to manage and because the water can be unpredictable and drop down to very low temperature    

in the winter, capsizing could be a serious a problem. Adequate equipment and experienced entry level skills are a must.





















The overall benefits...

The Surfski to me has plenty of positive attributes, this is where kayaking gets interesting:


-very large area of ??application such as: Ocean, sea, lake, from smooth paddling up to competition on flat or ocean (downwind) racing.


-through dynamic form of the lightweight from up tp 9kg which creates a particularly high cruise velocity. With some training a velocity up to up to 10 km/h for longdistances are possible.


-through versatile variaties of boat types and widths (approx. 56cm-42cm) anyone from beginner to professional is able to find he's best suitable boat.

Also beginners without any experience may start paddling with the wider and stabler boats.


-the remarkable and effective steering oar results into high control and navigation. The paddle stroke is therefore only applied for progressive forward movement.


-the lightweight makes it easier for transportation.


-high security through high sit in cockpit. The reentrance by flat or wavey conditions is possible to learn with a little training.


-There are hardley any downsides to this boat type. The tricky point is the rudder. This fixed system has no tolerance by ground contact. Must be carried out with care at the transpose in shallow waters.

In the meanwhile, there are also enforceable rudder systems in which a ground contact is not so severe.

Because the whole body isen't protected, one must carry a neoprene suit or dry suit by cold temperatures.


For longer tours accommodations of equipments depending on type of surfski might be difficult. By most surfkis the equipment must be mounted on deck,

because they have no sense luggage lucke. Due to this factor the equipments are limited. Shorter models have an interior lucke. 





Stefan, Fuerteventura, Atlantic


                                                       Stefan, The Doctor 2017, Perth, West Australia

                    Simone, Nelo Sommer Challenge 2017, Portugal

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